Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unearth Mastodon Tusks

More Big Bones Found Near the Find of Thirty Years Ago.

Robert Stevenson of East Lynn, who was putting in tile ditches on the James W. Jarmin (?) farm seven miles northwest of town, unearthed two mastodon tusks and two teeth the other day at a depth of about three feet. The tusks were about six to seven feet in length, of solid ivory, and the teeth were seven inches in diameter. The condition of the ivory cannot be told by one without experience, but it cannot be of the first quality after lying in the ground for a thousand year, as these may have done. The location was probably a hundred rods east of the find on the Guingrich (?) farm more thirty years ago. A professor from the University of Illinois came to East Lynn and delivered a lecture on the relics, and the teeth and tusks were afterwards sold to a museum for $150.  --Hoopeston Chronicle.

-- Paxton Weekly Record.  22 April 1915.

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