Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Rest for the Weary.

A New Cemetery on College Hill--
A Beautiful Site and Pleasant Surroundings.

The other day we seized an opportunity to visit the new cemetery now being laid out on College Hill. For the benefit of our readers not already posted, we will state that the grounds are located on the southern slope of College Hill, being the place formerly owned by Mrs. S. Hornbeck, the entire site including 22 acres. To our taste, the location is a handsome one, and in time can be made to rival in beauty any other cemetery in the State. A fine view is to be had from the grounds to the south and the west.
Entering the gate from the north, we passed through a short lane, and from the presence of white stakes all around us, soon became aware that we were in the place being prepared for a city of the dead, where, weary with the toils and strifes of life, the tired body shall find a resting place indeed; where, weary and heartsore, our weak forms may at last find sweet repose, and where we may lay the bodies of our friends who shall be summoned to the "Sweet By and By." We noticed that a fine drive was being smoothed off, which is intended to run in a circle around the entire grounds, with smaller walks and drives leading to every section. A fine orchard covers the western portion of the grounds, which the association intend to preserve until necessity compels them to remove it.
This new location was much needed, as the old one was barely accessible during the wet season, and was never too dry, and our Cemetery Association deserve great praise for their efforts in securing the new location. Among the many advantages of the new one over the old, is the fact that there is a good road leading to it, and the grounds are always dry. We understand that a sale of lots will take place soon, and of course our citizens will not fail to take hold of the matter.

--Ford County Blade.  1876.

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